Yummy Yuki

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Long-haired lovely Yuki is a vision in blue dress and matching nails. She pulls down the jeweled top to show off her small perky tits and sensitive nipples. Her hand darts to her red, white and blue stars and stripes panties, the smooth ass and horny little trans cock underneath. Her boyfriend Tommy is rock hard and holds her in a passionate kiss. Yuki's dick perks up and stiffens in Tommy's strong hands just before he licks and fingers that curvy butt. She lovingly takes his thick uncut meat in her talented mouth, slurping down to the fuzzy root.

He plunges greedily into her ass as she spreads her fishnet-stockinged legs. Yuki tosses her head side to side, overwhelmed by the intense sensation. Tommy speeds up and plows in harder. She plants a spike heel to each side of his slim hips and rides his big tool. Holding her thighs and ramming in deep, he can't hold back much longer. Yuki lies back, opens her pretty long legs. While he thrusts into her hungry hole, Tommy's load builds up. Just then, Yuki sprays sperm on her tiny waist. He pulls out and starts splattering cum across the sheets, drenches Yuki in a creamy puddle. Satisfied at last, Yuki runs a hand through the sticky load and smiles.