Venus Lux Ninja Sex

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During some Cosplay, this feme fatale has the goods to bend men to her will, if they’re lucky enough. Today, she is honing her skills on this boy toy. Thrusting her cock down his throat, he chokes and acquiesces. Directing his mouth to suit her will, and cock, she then takes aim at his ass. Without mercy, she plunges herself into his hole as he whimpers at the sensation. Clawing and pricking his balls with her long nails, he will learn just how useless his dissension is. Putting him on all fours, this temptress will have her way; his groans soon turn to whimpers of delight. "Don’t you fucking cum yet," she exclaims, her own cock requires more attention before she unloads. When she does finally pull out to spew, she is merciful enough to thrust some of her seed back in him.