Venus Lux Fucks First Time Bottom Jake D

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Venus' date tonight is a handsome tatted stud with a dashing shaved head. Jake D is hard and ready for whatever gorgeous Venus has in mind; he's in it for the thrill ride! So when she gently strokes his dick and presses her weight on him to spread his legs, he know there might be something a bit out of the ordinary, and he's excited. Venus is hard and ready to follow her own hot desires, knowing that Jake D will let her take control. That has HER excited!

They are totally connected, heads to crotches, they dive in to a passionate 69. He reaches down to caress her stiff trans cock and she grabs his woody and does the same. Venus nibbles his tongue and takes it into her mouth, then he crouches down to suck her sweet juicy dick. Lying with his head hanging of the edge of the bed, he opens wide for Venus to fuck his face. So turned on by her hard, ready piece, he gets onto hands and knees while she jerks him and plays with his ass. Slapping her trans cock along his sensitive crack, works her way in as he groans his approval. He perks his ass up higher as she grabs his hips and drills into his hungry hole.

Ass worked up and totally filled by his golden goddess, Jake D moans with delight. They separate and he sucks the dick that plowed him. Venus lies back and revels in her man's total focus and attention to pleasing her. She runs a slender finger across his tingling hole then goes back in deep, a second helping of Snoop's butt. Spike heels driven into the sheets, she pounds in harder this time, rocking his world till he can't hold back. When his cock erupts, he sprays a creamy wad across his sexy tatted chest and belly, then beautiful Venus showers him with her love juice in a climax to their sizzling sex date!