Tommy Bravo and Amanda Mantovani Flip Fuck

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Amanda Mantovani is part of my hot family of T-babes, and I'm proud that she learned a few tricks from me. When her buddy Tommy Bravo gets his mouth on her perfect titties and a hand on her big trans cock there's no stopping him. He's down on his knees in a flash, slurping her beautiful piece while she guides his mouth just where she likes it. She steps over to give the camera some luscious model poses in her black lace teddy and stockings, then takes matters in her own hands to stroke that sexy meat.

On the couch with Tommy, my girl is a boss babe. Tommy's a big muscle boy, but no match for a girl who knows what she wants. He grabs her booby and tickles her nips, but she keeps the focus on her hot crotch. When she turns and spreads the cheeks of her delicious booty, he can't help diving in for a taste. He carefully lubes her trans dick and booty crack, then fills her hole with rockhard man meat. Amanda groans with excitement and gazes right up into his eyes. That's a look no guy can resist! When he pulls out and starts grinding his ass against her crotch, she knows he's the kind who wants something MORE from his girl. He crouches ass up on the couch and Amanda gives it to him good and hard. I'm proud of you sister! She places a long slender hand on each of Tommy's buttcheeks and drills in deep.Things heat up to the boiling point and Amanda fucks the load right out of Tommy. He bends down to worship her huevos as she feels her load welling up. Splattering her sweet cum right into his face and mouth, my T-girl gives Tommy a facefull of filthy fun most guys aren't man enough to ask for!