Teaching the Hot T-Girl Teacher

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Prim and proper trans girl Angelina stands at the blackboard giving a lesson to sexy stud Brazilian Marcel. His eyes are only on Angelina's long legs and the tight little butt barely covered by her short black skirt. Horny and distracted, he breaks off the lesson to stand and grab her for a short deep kiss. She's the adaptable type, so today's lesson changes to one in the art of fucking a beautiful trans woman. They stroke each others' tools and get to work on oral technique. She takes Marcel in her pretty mouth and he's only too happy to lick and slurp her trans cock. But what he's after is that round hungry ass. He eases in and starts plowing into her luscious booty. They continue their studies standing and lying on the classroom floor, then get back up to milk out their juicy loads. Think he learned his lesson or taught a few tricks to sexy teacher Angelina?