Perverted Ninja

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Look out for The Perverted Ninja! Your Golden Goddess has taken a hot and nasty turn, and your private stuff is in deep danger! The gorgeous and volatile Ninja Pervert is 5'10", 135# and has been known to raid panties, jocks, underwear--anything private and kinky. Maybe I'll tie you up and have my wicked way with you. Watch me rub a pair of undies across my stiff trans dick, stroke off and sniff the heady musk you left on those briefs. It feels so hot and forbidden to invade your privacy for my personal fetishy turnon. You wouldn't deprive me of that kinky thrill, would you baby?

My throbbing piece is stiff and ready to blast when I start sniffing a pair of lovely spike heels. I reach down and beat faster, harder! Trespassing, breaking and entering, petty theft, it's all so delicious and evil! I'm about to CUM! A big splatter of Goddess goo drips down to my balls as I check out my ill-gotten gains--don't you wish you were here to serve my naughty obsession? Lick it up!