My First Self-facial

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In these weird lockdown times, we all have to be clever to get our rocks off, even your Golden Goddess. It's been a while since I last enjoyed a hot sticky facial, so I'm taking matters into my own hands. Namely my big straining-hard trans cock. It requires some concentration and extra attention without my dick fluffer handy. I fire up some sexy spanking material on my mobile phone and get to work jacking.

My long slender fingers feel so GOOD stroking my piece, reaching down to tug at my sack, cupping my goodies like the rare family jewels they are. Don't you wish you were here to give me a hand? I'm so hard my tool is as springy as a diving board. I pull on it and it snaps right back up. While I am stroking, I take the time to share some XTRA nasty pics with my online fans. Knowing you all are out there beating off with me gets my motor running even faster. I tease you with a hot flash of my firm delicious titties, get down on my knees to show off my beautiful trans dick. When I cum it's gonna taste so GOOD, wish I could share it with all of you. Now that I'm getting close, I should get into position. My long booted legs up on the bed and my cock aimed down towards my perfectly made-up face, it's fun to get hot and dirty sometimes. With my legs spread open and my hand on my dick, I get ready for that explosion. Here it CUMS! A shower of hot sticky Goddess juice splatters my face. I turn and face the camera so you can watch me lick my lips and let that load drip down onto my chin! Are you cumming with me baby?! That's what gets me HOT!