Mint's Fresh Frigging

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Cool as an evening breeze, lovely Thai beauty Mint is a honey blonde 20-year old who works as a gogo dancer. She's a little shy with a mischievous glint in her eye, especially when she drops her lacy lingerie and goes to work jerking her t-girl cock. A buzzing black vibrator adds to the fun, and soon she's in a seXXXy world of masturbation for her avid fans and viewers.

Mint's long slender legs stretch up and apart as her booty opens up to the slick toy. She never loses connection with us as we watch her pull back the skin over her shiny dick head, gently giving it the rub it needs. Her stroking speeds up, her cock gets even stiffer. A glistening drop of pearly cum gleams at the tip, and she seductively smears it with her long manicured red nails. Her seductive smile shows off her pride, giving us the hot release she shares.