Jessie Kane Has His Way with Natural Nicky

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Hot transman Jessie Kane can't keep his hands off gorgeous Nubian goddess Natural Nicky. Her smooth, soft mocha-colored skin contrasts with hairy, pale tatted Jessie, as they cuddle and fondle each other in their chic black teddy and shirt. As his shirt falls open, we see his studded leather harness--this boy's here for some mischief. And her erotic pierced navel and thick head of tight dreads show that Nicky's not so vanilla either. When he gets his hand up her teddy and reaches for her lush round titty, we see why she's praised as "Natural" Nicky.

When her teddy and his shirt come off, they kneel facing each other, he in black briefs with an imposing strap-on and she in a sensuous mauve velvet thong. She slicks things up with a juicy suck on the strap-on's long black dong. He wraps her long legs around his face and burrows in to suck her shaved stubbled pussy. As she pumps her poon into his hungry face, her perfect soft tits jiggle enticingly.

They turn to 69 with Nicky on top, her sweet ass and juicy snatch resting on his ravenous mouth. Rubbing her clit, Jessie probes a few fingers into her heavenly pussy, prying her firm bronze cheeks open. It's time to plow into her wet, worked-open snatch. He kneels at her open thighs, reaching down to guide the dong into her. She grinds her groin up into his long smooth strokes.

Bodies rubbing sensuously as they kiss and copulate, their fuck rhythm slowly picks up speed. Jessie tilts his head back dreamily as he pushes in to the root, while Nicky groans with satisfaction and pulls him closer. She rolls to her stomach and turns to kiss Jessie deeply as he pummels into her wet slick tunnel. When she climbs on and straddles his waist to get the ultimate deep penetration, she can't hold out for long and needs to CUM. Their bodies clash and mesh together as they climax in a chorus of moans and hot soul kisses.