Maki Ichijo Makes it Hot

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Maki Ichijo is a sweet and gorgeous Japanese T-girl with a shy smile, pretty as a picture in hot orchid pink. But she has a powerful appetite for cock, and muscular and horny Kojiro is just the guy to feed that hunger. He reaches up into the crotch of her sexy feminine panties to run a curious hand along the swelling of her trans cock inside. Once he frees that hard tool and dives in for a mouthful, Maki takes a handful of his thick prick for herself. Her sensuous lips stretch tight as her mouth and throat fill up with stiff veiny cock. It's hard as a rock, just what Maki needs to fill her hungry booty.

Things heat up so quickly Kojiro is on top pumping that stiff woody into Maki's hot tight hole before she even has time to take off her stretchy top. Her gold bangles jangle as Kojiro smacks her butt in hearty appreciation. Slowly her top and pink bra come down as the horny pair gorge on each others' gonads in a sensuous 69. She climbs on to ride Kojiro's cock, bends down to give him a deep kiss. He sits up and rocks her slender body onto his raging hardon. When it gets too hot to hold back, Kojiro stands to beat his spurting dick in her pretty face. Juicy streams of cum coat her face as Maki's cock hunger is finally satisfied!