Cyn Kitty tops Laura Pichon

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Two sexy brunettes tangle together, voluptuous Laura Pichon and slim, bodystockinged Cyn Kitty. After a hot session of lip-locking and light petting, their tops come down and nipple play is the daily special. Laura nurses on one nip as she twiddles the other, eliciting a hearty moan of pleasure from Cynthia. Cyn cups a handful of trans titty as Laura massages her other, then Cyn nibbles and love bites both her turned on tits.

Laura reaches into the crotch of the net bodystocking a frees Cyn's stiff trans cock. Once Laura drops her lingerie, Cyn dives in to take a full hot mouthful of Laura's thick little cock. Laura spreads and pulls back her legs, Cyn takes the opportunity to drive a multicolored plug into her open ass. She pushes it in to the hilt then slaps the base with hand and fist to send a deep vibrating rumble through Laura's insides.

Cynthia kneels at Laura's spread ass and drives her cock into the quivering hole. Laura's titties jiggle with the hard thrusts that pound into her pelvis. Eyes popped wide open, she moans her need and satisfaction. Moans turn to sharp little cries of pleasure and their bodies fuck together into a perfectly synchronized trans love machine.