Carol Penelope's Hot Tamale

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Blonde bombshell Latina Carol Penelope is a t-girl knockout, with big bouncy boobs and a trans cock that's hard, ready and hot as a tamale. With a big friendly smile she reaches into her bikini bottoms and pulls out that hot tamale and starts stroking. The best part is that she's not just getting off on the slick sensations of her warm silky palm on that big stiff tool, she's performing for the camera. And getting off on all of us watching her and joining in.

Carol is pure extrovert, squeezing her titties and aiming then right into the camera. She breathes in sharp little pants, growing quicker as she gets closer to climax. Her body is lean and lovely, with long legs and a firm round rump, not to mention those perfect tits she loves playing with. Facing the camera, she speeds up her slick juicy strokes and sprays her love juice onto her smooth thighs. But the fun doesn't end there. She steps into a hot relaxing shower and lets that hot trans cock shoot out a stream of happy piss for us to watch and appreciate. Hope you enjoyed that as much as we did, Carol! Sure looks like it...