Carol Belli's Poolside Playtime

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Luscious Latina Carol Belli is a girl with something XXXtra. Her soft, round, innocent face is that of a young "good girl" with a perfect curvaceous body and a round perky pair of titties. But Carol has her dirty side too, when her big uncut trans cock just has to have its way. She reaches into her sexy black strapped swimsuit and pulls out that big tool nad begins pleasuring herself. It feels so heavenly she can barely catch her breath. The only thing that makes her hotter than a beating hand wrapped around her t-girl dick is the other hand probing into her hot little ass. A finger goes in just deep enough to tickle her t-spot and Carol can barely keep control. She looks straight into the camera with those big brown eyes and lets waves of climax take over. Carol pulls back the foreskin as a hot sticky splatter covers her tight little waist and smooth flat belly. After that poolside workout our pretty t-girl heads to the shower, emerges sparkling clean and innocent once more.