Carla's Glittering Smile

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They say that men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses, but how about a stunning transgirl like Carla who's wearing a full set of glittering braces? Believe me it doesn't slow down a horny stud Like Yago, who moves in to lock her in a deep soulful kiss. They smooch and rub their lean fit bodies together, then move on to the good stuff. Yago's cock is big and brown, fits perfectly into Carla's hungry throat as she gorges on dick to her heart's content. He slides down to worship her sexy ass and run his tongue deep into her crack. Easing into her butt he ramps up his thrusts as Carla moans with satisfaction. Down on all fours she reaches back to spread open her cheeks and give him all he needs to slam in balls deep. This kind of intense screw can't last for too long, and Yago's breathing gives away that he's ready to let loose with a big sticky load. As he cums on Carla's ass he groans out his appreciation for this hot and beautiful trans babe.