Breeding the Lonely Hiker

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I parked my SUV along a woodsy trail, and dropped my jogging pants to see what might come along. Your Golden Goddess was horny and what better place to pick up a strong handsome athlete than in the park. Sure enough, in a flash I was back in the driver's seat with a sexy bearded hiker sitting shotgun in the passenger seat. He dipped his head and got himself a mouthful of my juicy trans cock. His scruffy facial hair was tickling my balls, a real turnon. The excitement of fucking in the SUV in broad daylight was tempered with a little wariness as I kept a lookout for any trouble.

But all was well so I led my hiker around to the tailgate to get a piece of HIS tail. With his gym pants down around his ankles his round muscular butt was just what I was looking forward to. He was obedient too, bent over with that ass just begging for a fuck. I entered him like a guided missile with just a little smear of lube on my shaft and head. He reached down to stroke, happy to have a beautiful girl with something XXXtra to get him off on his daily hike. He used both hands to spread his hole wide open and I had smooth sailing across his p-spot. Grabbing his hips I pumped in deep, and got a few pics on my phone to show the girls. My load creaming his sexy cheeks looked great, and he loved every hot minute when I slid back inside for one more pump. Happy hiking, buddy, and don't let my sticky lady jizz stain your pants!