Aye Takes a Lickin'

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Slender beauty Aye is a perfect Asian T-Girl. with a shy, sweet disposition and a smile that can melt icebergs. Horny stud Bo Ryder's on his very best behavior not to offend or rough up this fragile flower, coming to their date in glasses and a polo shirt and beginning with a warmup of deep kisses. They're quiet and focused on each other. Aye fishes Bo's thick curved cock out of his undies and gives him a juicy blowjob. He returns the favor, giving Aye's trans cock a hearty lickin' before he moves on to the dickin'. Aye spreads her long lean legs, moaning softly as Bo enters her hot booty, thrusting in deep. She can not take much more of those delicious sensations, as a splatter of her precum erupts into Bo's hand. He speeds up and plows in balls deep as Aye groans her encouragement. He pulls out, beats his cock until it sprays a hot load into our lovely's smiling face.