Aor's Got A Sexy Surprise

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When Hans Ryder takes beautiful Asian babe Aor in his arms and presses his hard cock against her, he has no idea of her little surprise. But once he slips down her black teddy he'll find she's a T-Girl, with something exxxtra. But another surprise! He's so horny and turned on by sexy Aor that all he does when her uncut trans cock cums popping out is nuzzle it and take it gladly in his mouth. He slurps and licks it like there's no tomorrow.

Aor holds her firm round boobies in her hands as she watches Hans go down on her. She's stiff and ready for anything sexual, and gets on all fours. Admiring her tight little butt, Hans spits a wad of saliva on her hole, gets it slick and open. She rolls a condom on him with her talented mouth, straddles his waist. He pumps into her fast and hard. Aor's a vision in black fishnets and jutting cock as she bounces her butt onto Hans. His thrusts make her so horny she grabs her trans cock and starts beating. Going balls deep into her hot tight hole, Hans is at the point of no return. As he pulls out both sexy fuckers milk out their loads. Aor sprays her love juice across her tight waist, then Hans gives his gorgeous date a faceful of hot sticky male cream.