Natty's Naughty and Nice

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Knockout Natty is an Asian t-girl dream come true, with a slim smooth body, perfect round tits, long, silky black hair and a gleaming white smile. When horny blond stud Christian leans in to give her a smack on the lips, he knows he's in for quite the ride. She takes his straining cock into her smooth hand and begins sucking. Christian reaches into her panties and pulls out a fantastic, honey brown uncut trans dick. He can't wait to get his mouth on that, and soon is slurping down her stiff tool. He drools onto her tight little ass, smears it into her hot hungry hole, follows by pressing his woody in and sliding it balls deep into her sweet ass.

Natty moans with pleasure, flashes her disarming smile. Christian pumps her booty full of cock, speeding up his thrusts as their lovemaking gets hotter and more unrestrained. She wants him buried inside her hole, and he's intent on giving his all. Finally he needs some relief, pulls out and begins stroking. She tilts her head back and drops her jaw open. She's ready to taste and swallow all the cum he can churn up from his aching balls. With just a few more strokes he's squirting his sperm into her face and mouth, lets it drip down off her full, lush lips. A deep hot kiss later, they're ready to hit the showers.